[SOLD] 2008 Caldari Pirate w/ 14.8M SP

Total SP: 14,855,061

NPC Corp: Deep Core Mining Inc. since 2010

Wallet Balance: 1 ISK

Kill Rights: None

Jump Clones: None

Sec Status: -9.4

Location: Docked in Iralaja VII - Home Guard Testing Facilities (Low Sec)

Implants: Set of Basics (minus Charisma)
Inherent Implants ‘Squire’ Power Grid Management EG-603

Neural Remap Available: Now

Bonus Remaps Available: 1

In game it says he’s flagged for a free resculpt.

Seller pays transfer fee.

Starting bid is 6B.

I’ll offer 6bil

Thanks for the offer @Pontik, I’m prepared to accept tomorrow if nothing else comes up.

Ready to transfer @Pontik. Please send ISK / account details when you’re ready.

3B offer

6B sent. In game mail sent with account info to be sent to.

Transfer initiated.

Character received.