<< SOLD >> 200m all round subcap pilot with Mini Capitals, 4.8m unallocated SP << SOLD >>


Selling my 200m Skillpoint multi-race-trained pilot, Thomil. (195.2m Allocated, ~4.8m Unallocated)



Thomil has 189 level 5 skills and 306 total skills, including:

  • Every single skill for the following categories to level 5:
  • Armor, Electronic Systems, Engineering, Navigation, Shields, and Targeting (+ Scanning except for survey)
  • Mini Carrier 5, Heavy Fighters 5, Fighters and Fighter Hangar Management 5 (19.2+m in drones)
  • Mini Dreadnought 5, Cap Projectile Turret 5 (specs to 4), Tactical Weapon Reconfig 5
  • Tech II large hybrids, lasers, and projectiles and below, all gunnery support 5 (20.6m in Gunnery)
  • Tech II XL Torpedoes and Cruise Missiles, all Missile Support 5, can use all TII Missiles (16.37m in Missiles)
  • Can fly almost all sub-capital TII ships from primary races

**Currently Mapped Intel/Mem with a REMAP AVAILABLE

Thomil Meets all CCP Requirements:

  • I will pay the transfer fee
  • Positive wallet balance
  • Positive sec status
  • Located in Amarr, Docked in EFA
  • No implants of note.
  • Some jump clones are placed but all are blank clones (no implants)
  • No Kill-rights

Starting Bid – 180 Billion ISK

Buyout Price – 210 Billion ISK

Auction Format/ Rules

The auction will run for 7-days from the timestamp on the initial post starting this thread. The highest bidder above the starting bid amount will win the auction at that time if the auction is not resolved by buyout prior to that time.

I will initiate the character transfer within 24 hours of the buyout offer being accepted in the thread and the price paid.

If the auction runs for the full duration, I will initiate the character transfer within 24 hours of the end of the auction and the price being paid.

I reserve the right to end the auction for an acceptable price at any time prior to the expiration time noted above.

Please do not send me communications in-game as I am not generally online on this character. Please post all questions or comments here if you want a timely answer. Thank you.

185B ISK


High bid currently Limited Liability at 190 Billion ISK.

Daily Bump.

Daily Bump.

Daily Bump.

I have elected to accept Limited Liability’s offer of 190 Billion Isk for this pilot. Upon confirmation by Limited Liability that their bid remains good this Auction will close and I will proceed with the transfer once I have received the ISK and Account Name (via In-Game Mail please).

confirming happy to proceed. Will send isk and account details as soon as I am home.

Sounds good. I sent you an eve-mail yesterday afternoon before I saw this, feel free to disregard. I will be available today throughout the day to transfer the account. Please send the ISK and transfer-account details to me when ready and I will make the transfer. Thanks.

@Thomil was this ever completed? The skill sheet link still works, and I dont see any new transfer history on the character. Are you re-opening?

The transaction has not completed yet. I have not heard from Limited Liability in a day or so. If I have not completed the transaction with him by the end of the day I will likely reopen for the weekend and conclude the auction with a new buyer at the end of the weekend.

sorry about the delay I was not at my computer for the past day.

ISK and account details have been sent.

No worries and thank you for the update! I have initiated the character transfer and Thomil should be yours after the mandatory delay period. It was nice doing business with you. Fly Safe o7

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