SOLD 20M SP Revelation Pilot

Pilot is located in Jita
0.0 Sec status
Positive Wallet
No Kill Rights
Not a perfect Rev pilot
Siege T2
T1 Guns

Starting Bid: 19B

19bil offered

Offer taken into account…looking for a bit more

daily bump

Daily bump

daily bump

I’ll bid 20b.

21 bil offered

22b offered

23b offered

24b offered

@Alcoholic_Satan Sold send money on toon and will start the transfer today!! Please confirm here if that is ok with you

Just got home from work, money sent! Papa bless.

Please give me your account name for me to transfer to


Offer was accepted already sorry just waiting on account name

Sorry. Will send asap

Sent an in game mail with the account name.

It did not work… is it an Alpha account?

Yeah, give me a second and I’ll fix. Sorry for the trouble.