Sold 20M Sp T2 Nag pilot
Has T2 siege, will have T2 autocannons in 1 hour, T2 capital shield, Dread 4.

Located in hs with 1 jump clone near jita, no kill rights

B/O 20 bil

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Bump has T2 autocannons now.

Offer 10B

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16.5b b/o offer @Taj_Moja

Thanks for the offer. Going to hold out a little more but getting warm.

17.5B b/o offer @Taj_Moja take it or leave it.

Ill take it

@Taj_Moja ok how will we arrange the transfer then

@colt_hagman ou can send the isk to this char and a mail with the account to transfer it to

@Taj_Moja ISK and account details sent via evemail

@colt_hagman isk received, character transfer started.

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