WTS 20m sp focused revelation t2 siege guns pilot

Looking to find a new home.

Positive Wallet
No kill rights
Located in high sec
In NPC corp



  • T2 Guns and Siege for Revelation!

  • Great fitting skills

  • Great armour skills

  • JDC V in 23 days

  • 2 remaps

Starting bid 20b,

Increments of 500mil, anything in between will not be considered.

BO: 25b


12 bil

13 billion

14 Billion

15 billion

16 Bil


17 bil

18 bil

18.5 bil

19 bil

19.5 bil

20.0 bil

20.5 bil

21.0 bil

Thanks for the bids so far. Will let this run a bit longer

Daily Bump

21.1 bil

21.2 bil