WTS 26.3m SP Focused Revelation Pilot


t2 Guns
t2 Siege
All gunnery supports 5
Dread 4
Revelation Purity SKIN

Very little wasted SP

In Perimeter citadel
Positive wallet

Edit: Bids can also be sent to CaFi#6098 on discord. I will look to close the sale Sunday evening. tz is CST.

20.5 bill

21b b/o

21.5 bill

23 bill

23.5 bill

24 bill b/o

24.5 bill

I have received a 26bil offer in game.

26.5 bill

28 bill

28.5 bill

30 bill

30.5 bill

31 bill

31.5 bill

32 bill

@Mowzie_Moliko Go ahead and send me account info/isk if you’re around

logging on now

ISK and account info sent!