WTS 21M Revelation pilot with /T2 siege/T2 gun/JDC5

1.No killrights
2.Positive wallet
3.In NPC corp
4.Located in High sec
5.Positive Sec level
6.Skillboard: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Symantec_Ahashion

BO 25b changed to 23b

I want 21b

Daily bump

end in eve-time 0:00 7 nov,still waiting for higher price:smile:

I think I’m yours:relaxed:
Please send me your account and isks
I will start transfer after get isks

ok,just a moment

I already sent the isk to you and my account:boloxiaohao2

Thanks,I already start transfer:D


07 Nov 2019 09:53

EVE Character transfer

My English is not good, please understand,How long will it take

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