**SOLD** 24m manufacturing/reprocessing/exhumer

(Ulryk Adkins) #1



24m skill points mostly towards manufacturing/reprocessing/exhumers

2 bonus and 1 yearly remap available.
Full set of basic implants and a slot 8 reprocessing implant

Located in Dodixie (High Sec)
No jump clones
Positive Wallet
0.04 sec status
No kill rights

(vi vi) #2

ill offer 16B

(Ulryk Adkins) #3

Thanks for your bid. I am hoping for something a little closer to 20B. Would you be willing to offer something closer to that amount?

(vi vi) #4

highest im willing to go is 18.5B

(Ulryk Adkins) #5

18.5B accepted. Send ISK and account details and I will transfer after work (in a few hours).

(vi vi) #6

isk and account name sent

(Ulryk Adkins) #7

Received, thank you. Will start transfer shortly.

(Ulryk Adkins) #8

Character transfer initiated and will complete in just under 10 hours.

(system) #9

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