SOLD 25m SP Dedicated Revelation Pilot with Cool Name

WTS 25m SP Dedicated Revelation Pilot with Cool Name

Dedicated Rev Pilot
Cool Name
Can fly mining barges and expedition frigates
Can harvest ore, ice and gas
Can fly Gallante Industrials

Character in Jita 4-4
Home Station in Jita 4-4
Positive Wallet Balance
No kill rights
One Jump Clone in Jita
In NPC Corp
Limited Beta Implants
2 Bonus Remaps Available

I will pay the transfer fee
All CCP Rules Apply
Starting bid at 18b
B/O 25b


I would offer you 18b

Ok. I dropped the opening bid to 18b. I have also lowered the buyout to 30b.

Looking to have this character sold by Black Friday Nov 25th.

I am going to leave my bid for now but am still going to be checking the character bazaar and if something else comes my way within my budge unfortunately then I would have to withdraw my offer.

Thank you.

No problem would confirm with you first.

22b BO. ISK ready.


I’ll buy it 30B

Sold to RNZAF-2.


Please send ISK and I will initiate transfer. I am online for couple hours, otherwise will log on and complete in the morning.

I’m exchanging flexes I’ll make the deposit as soon as it’s over

@RNZAF-2 It’s been two days since your bid and have not received isk.

offer reject sorry

@Melelette_Det_Antollare currently has the highest bid of 22b.

BO dropped to 25B.

22.5b BO. ISK ready. Can be transferred within today

23 B offer

23.5 B offer

24.5 B offer

25 B offer
Buy price
Isk Can be remitted immediately

@RNZAF-2 congratulations…again.

Please send isk. No two day wait this time thanks. I will be on early tomorrow to start transfer if ISK received over night.