[SOLD] 30m short corp history new pilot

I thought I was going to be a part of some minmatar rp, but they turned out to just be another gank group. So I’ve decided I’m going to go another direction.

she is in highsec
she is in a npc corp
she has no kill rights
she has a positive wallet
she has 0.0 security status
she has 5.0+ ‘effective’ minmatar republic rep connection 5
she has -0.37 effective Ammatar Mandate diplo 5
she has standard plug-ins(+4)
she has 1 of 2 jump clones avail
she has a small corp history
she has a decent name
she currently has over 30mil sp and born 04/13/2023
she can fly a fit Rapier if needed.(cloaking 5 & cyno 5)

Looking for reasonable Offers, No Buyout currently offered.

18B b/o if u can trade today, isk ready.

I’d offer 20b, ready to send ISK.

20.5b b/o

since the previous guy went afk or whatever, I’ll accept yours of 20.5
please post when you send it. include your account name.
please make sure you have a free slot.

ISK and account information have been sent

isk and account name recieved.

Transfer started.
I didn’t get the transfer mail, but got the receipt from paying for it lol.

updated main post to show sold.

The email has been sent, please check again. Thanks

I dunno if you got yours yet.

but heres proof i paid it and started the transfer.
and my inbox, only showing the billing email.

Please make sure to post you received the character.

has accepted the role,thanks

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