SOLD 32.4M FAX Pilot

Selling myself. Strong, mostly focused, fax pilot.
No killboard history.

Password: 1234

NPC Corp (skillboard hasn’t updated yet)

32,476,300 SP
Zero unallocated.
Skill remap available.
Bonus remaps available: 2
Currently mapped for INT>MEM>PER

Location Jita 4-4
In a +3 INT/MEM/PER training clone
No Jumpclones.

Positive wallet & sec status
No Kill rights.
Interesting name if you’re into that.

Primary Skills:
Can fly Minokawa, Lif.
T2 Triage
Shield/Armor Command 5
Caldari & Minmatar Carrier 4
T2 Capital Shield & Armor Local & Remote rep skills

Only needs the Gallente/Amarr carrier skill(s) to be a strong armor tanked fax.

Misc skills:
T2 Gas Harvesters
Basic Mining Barge skills

B/O 32 bil

I pay transfer fee.

21 bil

22 bil

22.5 bil

Looking for higher. Bump.

23 Bil


24 Bills for 24H.

25 Bil

Thanks for bids, hoping to go higher still and not in a huge rush. Bump.

28 billions of isks

Bids starting to look good. Wanna keep it open for a couple more days and see how we go here.
B/O lowered to 32 bil

Bump. Looking for a good home.

my previous offer still stands

If you’re willing to do 30 we can do this today.

28B is my final offer.

29 bil

Will wait 24h from this post and if no one outbids I’ll accept your offer. @Gillelli

Offer accepted send isk & account name. @Gillelli

Isk and account info send