WTS 31.5M SP (.5M SP Unallocated) FAX Pilot / Potential Dread Pilot

Selling https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Eleysian

Solid FAX Pilot nearly cross-trained into Amarr and Minmatar Dreadnoughts.

Located in Jita
No kill rights
Positive Wallet

Tactical Weapon Reconfiguration V
Capital Projectile Turret II
Caldari Carrier IV

Skills Injected
Minmatar Dreadnought
Amarr Dreadnought

Naglfar Firewall Breach
Revelation Imperial Jubilee

Current Bid: 21B
B/O: 24B

Auction ends 03/06 00:00 GMT+0

I can offer 14B

Daily Bump

Hey there bud.

17bil, cash ready to go.

Can offer 19B

20b is my next offer then

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Bump, ending the sale in 4 hours.

20.5B bid

Offer of 22b accepted. Please send ISK and character name.

ISK Received. Character Transfer has been started.

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