–Savage EarlyBird–

  • 34.8M SP
  • Located Jita
  • NPC Corp
  • 0 isk wallet

Starting Bid 25b b/o 30b

59 injectors, minus costs of extractors, minus taxes and fees, plus minus delta = approx. extraction value.
If u want a quick and smooth sale, then I offer 22 bill. You might get a better offer, and you might face a long and drawn-out sale.

If you can do 25b you have a deal

Sorry no thx

23.5 bill

looking for more

25bil quick sale


Looking for a bit more will wait


25b :ok_hand:

Done send isk to toon and give me account name for transfer
Please confirm

ISK and Account Info sent ty

Transfer in progress thx

Char received but had some assets on it not much like a Abbadon and a bunch of random hulls like T1 Mining barges in nullsec. Do you want them contracted to one of your Chars?

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