[WTS] Near max Rorqual Pilot and Capital production/reprocessing pilot 30.2m SP!

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/whoreminer - 30.2m SP Great Rorqual Miner and Sub and Capital ship production character!


Mining drone operation and specialization to 5

T2 industrial Core

Capital Ship Construction 4 Small ship construction 5


Reactions V / Reprocessing V / Reprocessing effeciency 5 in few days

Mettalurgy V and Lab operation V

Great drone Skills

_Instant transfer

Buyout 32B! New!


no killrights
POS wallet
pos sec status
located highsec with clones
2 remaps
1 bonus
all ccp rules apply

ill start you with 20b

I’ll bid 21b

I’ll bid 22b

I’ll bid 23b

I’ll bid 24b

I’ll bid 25b

I’ll bid 26b

I’ll bid 27b

Sorry, I found a more suitable account.

27 Bill—retreat



30b and its yours

30B B/O

31 B/O


Is this account still available?

yes. what is your offer? 32b and is yours… lemme know… send isk I transfer immediately

still interested at all? sorry late resonse … very active now though