SOLD 34m Orca miner Occator DST Perfect Scanner

Astrometric Rangefinding 5
Astrometric Acquisition 5
Jump Fuel Conservation 5
Astrometric Pinpointing
Jump Drive Operation 5
Jump Drive Calibration 4
Gallente hauler 5
Hacking 5
Mass production 5
Mining Drone Speclaization 4
Industrial reconfiguration 5 - Large Industrial Core II (Orca)
Industrial Command ships IV

This pilot was training to be a rorqual pilot/JP , but i am not mining much lately, mainly scanning.

Ready for sell , +5 implants *4 clone, is in metropolis high sec, i pay transfer, no killing rights, positive wallet. I go to cinema and can delivber in the night because currently making another transfer in the same account If interested answer here.

@Hauler_Hispano 27bil offer ?

27.2 because i need purchase other implants for the new pilot, is ok ?

@Hauler_Hispano ill send you over 28bil + account details now if your happy ?

Sold, deal acceted. Perfect. I trandfer in seven hours aprox. where you want the character ? currently in lustrevik

@Hauler_Hispano I have sent the email for the account details and the 28bil payment if you can confirm you have received both.

as for the character as long as its hi sec not an issue to not have to move it.

Perfect, received character and isk. I transfer as soon i canm

@Hauler_Hispano thank you very much, look forward to the transfer completion.

Transfer Done. Please answer when receive the toon opr the real live mail

Transfer is now completed and i have the character, thank you very much for the trade.

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