Wts 47m sp miner and hauler

Exhumers V
Mining Barge V

npc corp
Wallet greeeen
no kill rights
no jump clones
no implants
sec.status 5.0
Located deep in nul sec, but I can bring him to Jita

BO: 35b


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32B offer

Akcepted. Bitte send me isk and info

Can also do 32 B
Online right now

can do a bit higher then?

33 B?

That will work

Perfect, I’m online and waiting if you can initiate the transfer now. Otherwise I’ll just transfer the ISK and send the Accountname

you need to send isk and info first then I can start the transfer

ISK and account info sent

The ISK have been sent, it’s been more than 48 hours. Please initiate the transfer.

@ISD_Traindriver I heard that this character was hacked. Am I going to get a refund?

In this case please create a Support Ticket

Closed for further Investigations.

Please understand that I cannot give any further information except:

All cases have been forwarded directly to a Gamemaster.

All sales and all accounts involved will be thoroughly investigated to ensure that no honorable player is at a disadvantage.

This may take some time.

Until then, all posts that are involved in any way will be closed until further notice.

The players in question will be directly contacted by the Game Masters once the investigation is complete.