SOLD WTS 19.4 mill SP Industrial Command Orca,Purpoise,Prospect/Endurance miner

WTS 19.4 mill SP Industrial Command Orca,Purpoise,Prospect/Endurance miner.

as it should be:
Mining Frigate V
Expedition frigates V
Industrial Command Ships V
Advanced Spaceship Command V

Positive Wallet
No Kill rights
Sec 0.0
located in Jita 4-4
all implants +5

starting bid 19 bill
20 bill b/o

@Amir_GHAN ill start you off at 15bill offer and you need to drop your current alliance as per the rules.

Retracting my offer as i have purchased a toon thanks. free bump.

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I will offer 16B for that.
Or if you want to sell fast I can pay 18b b/o max

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Thank you Bro / I do not hurry/ DAILY BUMP !

19b b/o?

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DEAL you win

What are next steps?
I just send you name of the account I want your character to be transfered and I transfer isk to Amir GHAN character?

Ok if I understood correctly I need to send you the account to trasnfer character. The account is named:
I will transfer the isk to character Amir GHAN in a moment and post there

2024.05.05 16:53 Player Donation -19 000 000 000 ISK 30 014 705 536 ISK Hultaji Gogiko deposited cash into Amir GHAN’s account

Done, isk send. Let me know when you will start character transfer

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I confirm that i got money from you Bro but I need ingame mail

Send me INGAME mail with account name for transfer character

Ok i will do that in a moment

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Eve mail send to Amir GHAN

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I confirm that I got ISK and mail from you Bro !

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Thanks. Do you already started trasnsfer process? I know it will take some time, just don’t know when to expect new char on my account:D

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I m from Russia and I cant pay transfer fee as usual because Russia disconnected from swift. So I use an alternative payment method, In couple of days you will get your character. You under CCP protection so if something goes wrong you ll get your money back.
Sorry for delay Bro…

;_; sad but well, it is how it is. Hope it will go without problems

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I did it seven times or so and there was no problem with transfer

How long it usually take to finish payment? I mean it’s like “usually <2 days” or “6-7 days”:smiley:

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