(SOLD) 40.3 Mil SP Hel Pilot / Erebus Sitter + HG Ascendancy Set

EveSkillboard Link -> https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Paul_Noxville

Char has been dropped from player corporation and is in NPC corporation per CCP rules. I will receive the ISK for the sale and pay for the transfer via Credit Card. You will receive no ISK or assets with the sale of this char.

This char has a positive wallet and no kill rights. Char has no standings and neutral sec status. At the time of sale Char is located in highsec (Jita). Very short corporation history, only two player corps on the list.

This char was originally my Erebus holder pilot. Has the skills to sit in an Erebus. I have since trained the char into a specialized Hel/nidhoggur pilot. You will have max damage out of heavy fighters in a Hel from this char.

Current Implants +5 Set without Social ->https://i.imgur.com/DxtVWBW.jpg
Jump Clones include HG Ascendancy Set used for a hyper Hel -> https://i.imgur.com/uFjA1T6.jpg
Remap available in April 2020 but bonus remap now -> https://i.imgur.com/2BRHliN.jpg
Two Hel Skins -> https://i.imgur.com/zjxzkqu.jpg
Very limited killboard history -> https://zkillboard.com/character/91724539/

Bonus ships besides Hel and Erebus include Gallente Interceptors and Minmatar Freighters

Skills to make note of…
Heavy Fighters / Rank 12 / Level: 5
Jump Drive Calibration / Rank 9 / Level: 5
Cybernetics / Rank 3 / Level: 5
Capital Ships / Rank 14 / Level: 5
Gallente Frigate / Rank 2 / Level: 5
Minmatar Carrier / Rank 14 / Level: 5
Minmatar Freighter / Rank 10 / Level: 4
Ladar Sensor Compensation / Rank 2 / Level: 5
Gallente Titan / Rank 16 / Level: 1

The auction will run until I am happy with a price. I am in no need to sell quickly so low ball offers will be considered a free bump. Char has 8bil + worth of skill books and 3+ Bil in Implants.

Price - 40 Bil

30 bil

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bump still looking for offers.

32 bil


Bump, still need a bit more before I’m willing to let this one go.

I offer 37b

Bump 37 bil is getting close. Need just a bit more.

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I offer 38 bil

B/O lowered!

offer 39 bill How about we say 40 and call it?

If this offer still stands, please send isk/account info and I will do the transfer asap.

Bump I haven’t heard back from Cain, the auction goes on.

I offer 38 bil again

Bump price updated!

bump for a great pilot!

bump to the top just a few more bil