WTS Focused Nyx Pilot 41M SP

As per the title:

Capital Ships V
Gallente Carrier V
Fighter Hangar Management V
Fighters V
Heavy Fighters V

Positive Balance
Located in Jita
No kill rights
Positive Security Status
In Npc Corp
+5 Implant Set
Remap available

Looking for around 35bil+ offers.

28B offer

Thank you for the offer but im looking for a little bit higher, i will keep your offer in mind though.

Still for sale

Still for sale

30 B!

31B offer

35B offer

35B offer accepted, send account details and isk to this character as per CCP rules and transfer will start as isk is received.

Bidder has not contacted me, or has replied in over a day thus this character is back on sale.

B/O 35 if offer accepted, let me know.