SOLD -- 41.8M SP old (2005) Gunnery Caldari/Gallente

I am in The Scope newbie corp
Docked in Miah, 0.6 (Kador)

My Sec Status is -1.7

I have 41,823,816 Total skill points

I was born 10/9/05

I have no jump clones, but if I die my medical clone is in Oipo (0.8)

I have 0.21 ISK and very few assets - maybe a few station containers left laying about but nothing worthy of a mention.

I have been asleep for about three years, have no interactions with current game, no kill rights etc.

Built as Gallente cruiser/BS driver with gunnery primary, have since got some Caldari and Minmatar skills too.

Genuine Offers please (ready to sell asap).


I’ll offer 32 billion

Thanks for your interest - I am told that it is worth 32 bil, just in skill points injections etc… and that I should expect more for the age and quality of the toon…

Please dig deep and keep bidding … :slight_smile:


35b isk ready now

Happy to accept. Pls evemail name for transfer and send iskies.

Logging on now for immediate transfer

will send isk in 5 min and details to sirius dog

Thanks, he is logged on and waiting! :slight_smile:

isk and account sent.

Isk received, begining transfer to you now. (Struggling with the process, but I am working it right now). Thanks.

ok let me know when you done and the process to transfer start please. Will confirm when i will have it.

So soory, it keeps telling me to select the character to transfer, but I cant see how to select it… I am working on it - emailing support to transfer soonest.

Have you done this before - is there something I am missing?

Go to eve mnagement,log in into account go to service-transfer char. You select the char put a tag down into the sqare and pay 20 fee transfer. That is all

That is what I am doing - it keeps throwing up an error ‘please select characer’ I have logged a job 583847 with the support team to get this resolved soonest. Sorry for messing about.

Ok, it wont work on my mac, or ipad, but having success on windows pc, gimme 2 secs, and I’ll have it on its way to you.

Done. Many thanks for your patience.

Np did you got the receipt ?

Yes I paid the transfere fee, and now character shows:
We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred will remain on your account until the process is complete, but will not be playable during this time.

Character Name: Sirius Dog

Will be completed after: 4/4/2018 12:06:23 AM

Ok nice one now you can delog and let them maybe they move faster. Thanks i will confirm agin when i wil have it.

char recived in good condition. All good mate and thanks.

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