SOLD 42m Phoenix with extras


Thinking of selling this alt, looking for offers

Skill link: QSNA


Dread 4
Great shields
Great missiles
T2 siege
T2 XL Torps, Cruises
Kikimora skills

Gallente transport ships

Has Kikimora “Netherworld Striker” skin - 14B on market currently

In Jita
Positive wallet
No Killrights

219k Evermarks

For Evemails, pls write to Frank Pannon

30b offer

how about 34b?

Too low

39B? how about that

i can offer 37b

I feel like 38B would make us both happy

OK,38b,I am willing to accept this price

Great, please send ISK to this character, and the account name.

ISK and mail sent

Starting transfer