PLS CLOSE WTS 91.6m sp Golem+Phoenix and much more

here you can check the skills Benu's Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App

Skill highlights

unallocated 456k SP

Spaceship 20,5m SP:
Full skilled Gallente and Minmator Subs
Golem Marauder 4
Phoenix Caldari Dread 5
Caldari Gallente Minmator Cruiser 5
Caldari Minmator Destroyer 5
Tactical destroyer Caldari 4, Minmatar 5
Caldari, Minmatar, Gallente, Amarr, Precursor Frigate 5
Assault frigate 5
Interceptor 4
Covert ops+Recon ships 3

Drones 8,8m SP:
support skills 5
Light, Medium Heavy Drones 5
Amarr+Caldari Spec 4
Gallente+Minmatar Spec 5

Gunnery 15,5m SP
Missiles 13,5m SP

Navigation 8 m SP
Jump Drive Calibration + Operation 5

and much much more

Clone +5 skills implants expect social + EE-603 + EM-805 located in Jita

Sec Status 5, Positive Wallet and no kill rights

Please make your offer and make me smile B/O is 73 B isk

All CCP rules are accepted
Happy bidding

hi 45b

i give 59b

65b !

66b! to this

Thanks for the bids. 73b isk b/o and I’m yours. Can start the transfer immediately

69B? OK?

Sorry it’s to low

I’m still for sell

Up to top

Up to top

Meanwhile I can fly logistics cruise. Gallente and Caldari

Up to top

And up to top



65 bil

Thanks for your offer. My limit is 73b b/o

70b my last price

Hi Jokker ok send me your account name and the isk I will start the transfer

hi bro what do you need about my account? is my first transaction. i am not in my house i can paid you tonight