WTS 5.7m sp cap alt starter

positive wallet
no jump clones
in Jita
no kill rights
security status 0.0
no corp history
DOB 2013
set of +4s
one remap plus two bonus remaps

Was going to be a cap alt, jdc 3 and jfc 4, drone interfacing 5
4b obo
I pay all transfer fees

I‘ll pay 3 bil

3.1b offer

I’d be willing to go as low as 3.5b

Ok thx for the reply

3.5 B Offer

Offer accepted, will transfer asap.

Orion are you still interested?

Yes, sorry about that. Family and work got the better of me since I last posted. Am currently at work, I should be back home 24 hours from now to send the isk and account details

Ok no worries, wanted to make sure nothing changed.

No isk received, canceling sale.

Closed at the request of the OP


ISD Bahamut