SOLD 49,6M SP Minmatar/Gallente, perfect Hel Pilot

  • Positive wallet
  • now in Jita
  • 1 mid-grade Asklepian set in The Forge and extra ~100m implants
  • all needful skills for fighters and Hel/Nidhoggur are perfect or 4 lvl
  • can be upgraded into good subcap pilot
  • good triglavian’s ships and weapons skills
    start price: 40b
    Buyout: 55b

35 bil

35b bid accepted, auction will closed on april 5 at 14:00 EVE time

I’ll bid 38bil

38b bid accepted

still for sale

Still for sale

35.5B Offer

38b now minimal price

my max offer is 37bil

39 bil

39b bid accepted, tomorrow at 16:00 Eve time auction will be closed


Auction ends soon!

2 hours remaining, current bid 39b!

1 hour remaining!!

Auction ended, send isk and account info

ISK sent and evemail with account info. Thanks o7

Account sent, fly safe!

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