No Waste Perfect Hel Pilot 36m SP

(Nicolai Jennings) #1

pword 1234

4.80 Sec status
positive wallet will be 0 at time of purchase

Min Bid is 30B all others are considered bumps, Willing to sell quickly if correct buyer is found feel free to pm me offer and negotiations. Sale will be final when i confirm on the thread it is final.

I of course will abide by all character transfer rules including paying for the movement of the character.

:star: IChooseYou - Buying all pilots BACK AGAIN! Instant isk!
(Mr Yakudza) #2

30b BO

(Nicolai Jennings) #4

wrong char sorry - 30B is the best offer. Selling like 5 chars sorries.

(Nicolai Jennings) #5

I’m still forsale the two offers i had seem to have fallen through.

(Cyborg 31164987) #6

25b isk ready - can transfer now

(Nicolai Jennings) #7

No Thanks. Can Extract for more than that. still forsale.

(Mr Yakudza) #8

Still rdy with my 30b offer

(Nicolai Jennings) #9

Okay 30B offer I’m gonna end the auction tonight when i get off work.

So 9 hours from this post the auction will close, 30B is the high bid currently. Highest bid in 9 Hours wins the auction.

(Disclaimer: As Always i reserve the right to not sell the character.)

(Nicolai Jennings) #10

Send isk and account info

(Mr Yakudza) #11

Isk sent, and sent ingame also.

Thnx for doin business