This character is for sale and here is the Character sheet: Boom

Character is located in HS station.
Located in a NPC Corp despite what the Skillboard says
Character has Postive wallet
Character has no Kill Rights
Character has No Jump clones
Basic Pod

Give me reasonable offers please starting 10 bil B/O

10 billion

Nice, thank you, will give it 1 hour and if no-one else bids its yours

ill do 10.5

10.6 billion. Don’t be a jerk.

11 Bill

Thanks for the new best offer of 11bil!give it another hour.

Lemme just check with original bidder and if he declines its yours

ok let me know

Give him another 20 mins to respond then its yours

It’s yours send isk and account information

Isk and mail sent with name for transfer, thanks

Hello sorry about the delay, I went to sleep. Your account you sent has too many users,

11 billion if it falls through

11.1 billion and a free slot ready to go, if that eases your conscience!

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12b is ok


If you accept it, please give me some time to remove the role for the transfer.
And do not accept other offers.

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Remove role? @Thomas-Cat

Sent isk back no room on account. The Char is back up forsale

You got pilots “removing roles,” you got pilots with no free slots, you got pilots bidding and disappearing, and then…

… you got me, with ISK in hand and a free slot waiting for you.

I am still here and still bid.