Please give me ten hours to remove the characters, and then we can begin the transfer.
keep 12b.

for 1 extra bil sure, but why not have an open account? just make another

Ah lol ok?

Slot is open, Isk sent back in game for agreed price. If this does not work let me know and ill make a new account.

Alright @Rhaeghar we did have an agreed upon 11bil, but your account was not able to be transferred to and so I sent back isk and reopened the sale. I think thats a reasonable thing to do.

Currently @Thomas-Cat has the high bid of 12 bil, if you want to go a little above that and offer a bit more I will take it and immediately transfer.

sure so 12.1? ill send the extra isk now once you confirm

alright send it over and ill transfer include the account name again.

isk and email sent with account info

Account sent Thank you everyone who bid and have a good day @ISD_Traindriver please close.

Closed by request of Op.

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