SOLD 5.1M (3.6m+1.5m) scanning alt

(If Story) #1

no rights
wallet positive
at jita
2bonus remap

start bid 4.5b
b/o 5b

(Postal Ryder) #2

4.5b isk ready now

(Occultatum) #3

I’ll do the 5b buyout

(If Story) #4

will be able to transfer after about 4days
if you still want to buy this please reply after then

(Moon Night Watch) #5

I’ll do the 5b buyout and I can wait for you :smiley: isk ready now

(If Story) #6

able to transfer now
please send isk and account info and will start transfer right away

(Moon Night Watch) #7

isk and account info sent

(If Story) #8

isk received
transfer initiated

Will be completed after: 5/28/2018 1:11:19 PM

(Occultatum) #9

wtf… whatever guess my buyout bid wasnt as good as his buyout bid lol

(system) #10

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