SOLD! 5.4m SP Gallente

Born 9/6/2019

Implants Slot 1-5 +3’s (BASIC)

Remap available 23/6/2020

Remaps available 2

Security Status 0.9

Wallet 1,000,000 isk

Skill points 5,445,642

50,000 unallocated
No Jump Clones

Located in Aunia

In NPC corp

All CCP rules followed

Start Bid 3B Buyout 6B

Bumpy. Now on 75,000 unallocated SP. Can Fly VNI.


Have reduced down to 3BIL start

Daily Bump

Daily Bump

I’ll take it for 3bil ?

Yes i would accept 3bil

3bil isk and account info sent

Transfer in progress - Thank you

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