SOLD 5.5 Mil total (1.3 Mil unallocated) 2014

2014 Toon
5.6 Mil Total, 1.39 Mil unallocated
1 KB death
No Kill Rights, No Jump Clones
Positive Wallet
Positive sec status
1 Annual 2 Bonus Remaps
Located in high sec

Taking offers cause I have not idea what its worth


2b offer

I will consider it, thank you

got the isk ready if you accept my offer :smiley:

Lady Erin, would you consider 2.5 Bil? If so I would be able to transfer pretty much any time. thank you

I will give you 2,5B B/O for Tyrion Onzo.


ill raise my initial offer to 2.6B

Lady, I will accept 2.6. Will await payment/info in-game. can begin transfer over the next hour or two or first thing tomorrow. Thank you

ISK sent and account info sent via ingame mail

thanks, transfer initiated.image