Sold - 50M SP Nyx/Sin/Ragnarok 0.5 Mil unallocated SP

Unallocated SP 500,000

Remaps 1
Location: Villasen 0.1
No Kill rights
4.7 Sec Status

Sin, Nyx pilot, Ragnarok Holder

Ocular Filter - Improved
Memory Augmentation - Improved
Neural Boost - Improved
Cybernetic Subprocessor - Improved
Social Adaptation Chip - Standard

Start 35B

I will start you off with 35b as the Gunnery skills are literally non-existing.

36B offer


40B offer

I’ll accept this offer.
Send isk and account info and i will start transfer.

Thank you for accepting my offer. I will pay within 24 hours. Please wait for me

It’s been 24 hours with no word from buyer.
Back up I go.
Still for sale

Thank you for waiting,please check email, isk and acc have been sent

Isk and mail confirmed. I will start the transfer once I am home.

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