[SOLD] 52,7M SP Null Doctrine + Dread Toon


PWD: cheese

T2 Siege and Guns for both Rev and Nag.

B/O 50B

Accepting reasonable offers.

Character will be in npc corp for transfer.

What’s the password for the skillboard?

My apologies updated with pwd

What’s the password?

says in the description.

But its: cheese

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45b BO. Bid open for 24 hours or until I find another dude!

50 bill b/o

Accepted 50B b/o mail me in game details I should be online within a few hours

must do it tommorow, its 3am in the morning

Np. Throw me a mail for details to send to and isk and ill get it going tomorrow :slight_smile:

Money contracted to COYOTE SKYWALKER

Money received starting transfer shortly will update when done

Character is currently being transferred :slight_smile:

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