SOLD--53 mil SP PVP Minmatar Carrier & Amarr Carrier/Dred/Black OPs/ ++++

Can Fly well.
Minmatar Carrier
Amarr Carrier & Dred
Redemer (Black Ops)
Paladin (Marauder)
plus a slew of BS and down Amarr ships.

Also have 1 set of +4 +Prospectors and another clone with a full set of Mid-grade Asklepian.

Sec status is +5.0
All CCP rules apply, positive wallet, and stationed in hisec.

50 Bil starting bid
55 Bil B/O

Edit- lowered starting bid

no kill rights

just a bump

44 bil

44.5 bil

bump will lower starting bid to 50 but won’t accept anything less.


Bump …


last bump will just keep it if no 50 bids

20 K, thats what I can afford… For now LOL

no longer for sale will give it away to clan mate before low ball

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