SOLD 5M Focused Miner

(Kai Tut) #1

Character in NPC corp
No kill rights
No bounties
No Corp History
Located in High Sec

Start Bid - 4.8B
B/O - 5.5B

(Otum Kisione) #2

5,5 B/O

(Kai Tut) #3

accepted please send isk and account info

(Otum Kisione) #4

I am gonna send ISK now, account info in next 24h.

(Kai Tut) #5

sure but you must buy it

cause I probably will use isk right away

(Otum Kisione) #6

ISK sent, just need few hours to organize a new account for him.

(Kai Tut) #7

isk received
reply to this when ready

(Otum Kisione) #8

Account name send ingame.

(Kai Tut) #9

transfer initiatied

Will be completed after: 5/25/2018 7:33:32 AM

(system) #10

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