SOLD 5m Rorqual Starter (Including Skillbooks, +5s)

4.99m SP
+5 Full Learning Clone (Jita 4-4) - Approx 0.6b
Rorq Skillbooks - Approx 2.6bil

Located in Jita 4-4
Positive Wallet, No kill rights, no jump clones
Annual Remap Available (Currently Intel/Memory)
2 Bonus Remaps Available

Price: 5b
Considerably cheaper than injecting your own to this stage

Replies here, I don’t login to check mail

Final note, yes corp has been dropped, ESI takes up to 24 hours to update

still available ?

if so, 5 bill offered !

would be interested in a couple of your other 5mill toons too if still have them :slight_smile:

Yes, still available. 5b b/o accepted

I believe I have two more 5m SPs, I need to check them and prepare them for sale, but I should be able to get them listed within next couple hours

You might wanna switch from that skillboard to

Link still works, I’ll change it when it doesn’t. tools4eve is aweful and a last resort

+2 characters ready, after I receive isk for this, I’ll post the other two so you can buy those also (if desired)

isk sent

let me know one way or another when the other 2 are up, will take them too

Transfer started

^ this

Ok what can be done to make it better?

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