SOLD 11m Rorqual Starter (Including Skillbooks +5s)

11m SP
+5 Learning Clone (Jita 4-4) - Approx 0.5b
Rorq Skillbooks - Approx 2bil

Located in Jita 4-4
Positive Wallet, No kill rights, no jump clones
Annual Remap Available (Currently Intel/Memory)
2 Bonus Remaps Available

Replies here, I don’t login to check mail

Price: 8b
Considerably cheaper than injecting your own to this stage
Will not sell for any less


I’ll start it at 4.5b

Price is 8b or will be kept, bump


Up =)



Going up

Upp ^

8b flat

Accepted, pending isk & account name

Payment sent and account name sent. Pending Transfer

Received, transfer started

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