WTS 11m Rorqual Starter (Including Skillbooks +5s)

11m SP
+5 Learning Clone (Jita 4-4) - Approx 0.5b
Rorq Skillbooks - Approx 2bil

Located in Jita 4-4
NPC Corp (Won’t show on skillboard, check ingame)
Positive Wallet, No kill rights, no jump clones
Annual Remap Available (Currently Intel/Memory)
2 Bonus Remaps Available

Replies here, I don’t login to check mail

Price: 8b
Considerably cheaper than injecting your own to this stage
Will not sell for any less

^ up ^

^ up ^

^ up ^

Philips SmartPro I will offer 4B

Price is 8b - l2read - l2research

^ up ^

^ up ^

^ up ^

^ top ^

how many LSI remaining to be able to pilot it (IV) I’m interested

Free bump for you. 4.1b offer from me

Could you tick the “Export XML” box on eveskillboard by any chance?

I will offer 5B for this character.

  1. You have no fleet support skills, which is a huge negative with the upcoming changes in regards to boosting barges and exhumers. A competent Rorqual pilot should have those skills at 5/5 for T2 links.
  2. You have injected Capital Industrial skill book, but have not trained the skill at all. You cannot even sit in the rorqual today.

This offer will be good for 24 hours.

Skill link is broken. Might be interested

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