[SOLD] 60M SP FOCUSED TITAN (Erebus) Pilot 55b buyout


Password: 123
Pretty focused Erebus pilot, but can also pilot interdictor (helping with small ops / response fleets), and hawk (can be used as abyssal alt with 2 other hawk pilots).
Has Gallente Dreadnought injected and trained to I, so can be trained into Moros offspec

60M SP
5.00 Sec Status
1 Remap Avail
+5 Implants clone in Jita
Wallet Balance Positive
No Kill Rights
Character located in Jita
Transfer Ready

Skill Highlights:
EM, Explosive, Kinetic, Thermal Armor Compensation V
Capital Hybrid V
Doomsday Operation V
Doomsday Rapid Firing IV (training to V now)
Jump Drive Calibration V
Fuel Conservation V
Gallente Titan V

Starting bid @ extraction value 35b
55b B/O


to the top. b/o changed to 55b

Zeppelin bruv 35B

40b bid

41 bil bid

Thanks for the bid of 41. I will wait a little time, if no one beats this bid I’ll accept it.
edit: if no one has bid in 14 hrs from now i will close the auction and accept bid of 41b

isk ready, let me know when you want to do the transfer etc. :slight_smile:

Offer accepted. Send isk and account info to Zeppelin bruv and I will initiate the transfer.
Please write here when you send isk - I’m at work, so I don’t have eve open. But I will open it and handle it once I see the message.

isk and account info sent. :slight_smile:

Sent you an ingame mail as well, but it says you have too many characters. Can you please send me another account to send the character to?

sent you another one, this one should work. Seems like I need to update my character spreadsheets :smiley:

Transfer initiated. Thank you for your business.

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