JDC V Prefered !

Looking for a focused char


How about me?
59M SP, fully skilled into Erebus, JDC 5, Gallente Titan 5. Doomsday Operation 5, Doomsday Rapid Firing 4. +5 implant set.

Pretty focused, only recently branched out to fly a hawk for abyssals on the side.
Can also fly interdictors if needed as a quick dictor alt.

I would need to leave current corp and clean the character per CCP rules (NPC corp, move to HS, etc.) but if you are willing to wait til this weekend then no problem.

password: 123123

Zeppelin bruv Ill give you 35B

That’s not even SP extraction + titan skillbook. I’ll pass for now, waiting to see what OP is willing to pay.

Bumping to see if you are still on the lookout for an erebus pilot. This is the last reply I will give unless you respond, just wanted to make sure.

Already bought but thanks :slight_smile:


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