SOLD 64m SP - Dread/Carrier/Blops/Logi pilot

Makes for a fantastic alt, highlights include: Amarr, Gallente and Minmatar Carrier, Gallente dread with t2 siege, blops, logistics V, FAX, etc.

  • 500k unallocated SP
  • Positive wallet
  • NPC Corp
  • 1 yearly, 1 bonus remap available

45 bil

Still for sale, open to reasonable buyout offers.

Still availiable for sale, here all weekend!

50b B/O offer

Accepted, send the ISK and evemail me the account name and I’ll get the transfer started!

Isk and account info has been sent .

Transfer started, you should have an email confirming that.

Yes mate , email received , Thank you !

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