SOLD 6m Female PI VNI Miner and Missioneer with 4 skins and cyber 5 4.5b


Character have 5.9m million points

Skins :
Procurer calari industrial livery
Prophecyt Coldiron
Venture Gallente industrila livery
Procurer glacial drife.

Is one day to termin mining V,

Medium Turret V
Hybrid Turret V
Cybernetics V
Mining Barge IV
Cyno III
Decent planetary Interactions

Very decent Drones, can fly VNI and have heavy available

This char expire tomorrow, i extract before a little and can do sec missions level II or three using prophecy, you can change to ferox or VNI.

I ask 4.5b because i pay in euros, because is 6m (you can extract one million easily) and have no kill rights, is in jita and positive wallet.

If interested answer the thread

eveskill boards corrected.

Today bump, i will be online an hour aprox, checking the thread.

Thursday Bump already pass the 6m mark.

Friday Bump, i will stay connected all day in work, checking the thread in chrome.

3 bil

No thanks, is less than the transfer price.

4 bil

Send me the 4b and i send in three hours, i need fund my CC

Isk sent, account info sent via evemail.

Isk received. In my country i can fund my credit card in aprox 45 min. I transfer as soon y can.

Transfer Done, Enjoy !

Confirmation received, thanks!

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