SOLD WTS 5m Female Occator / Myrm / Miner / cyber V (+5) for sale in 3.8b

Hi, for a recent WH eviction i dont need thi chat more, and want free the slot.

Have three astero permanent skin :

deathglow hunters
soe blue cell
soe fire cell
soe gold cell

ad some oithers permanent skin.

She have

  • mining V
  • Mining barge IV
  • cyber 5 int / mem +5
  • cloaking IV
  • Decent drones
  • Gallente industrial V

Can use a Myrmidon, and can use a occator / viator if you put the book in less than an hour.

Is in high sec, no killing rights, positive wallet. All ccpr ules apply.

If interested answer the thread, i am not reading the eve mail.

Because have +5, my low price is 3.8b.

i can do 3.8 , im online now

Accepted, send the isk and account name and i transfer in ten minutes.

give me 10 minutes.

Ok, online in COuster.

sent, sorry for the delay. family member called.

Isk received. I transfer in five minutes. Please answer the thread when you receive the ve mail.

cha transfer message received. thanks!