[SOLD] 73.5m SP Focused Erebus / Moros Pilot

I am for sale.


Relevant Skills:

  • Gallente Titan V
  • Gallente Dreadnought V
  • Doomsday V
  • Rapid Doomsday V
  • Jump Portal Generation V
  • Spatial Phenomena Generation V
  • Tactical Weapon Reconfiguration V
  • Capital Hybrid Turret V
  • JDC V
  • JFC V
  • Capital Repair Systems V


  • Various Erebus SKINs included (valued between 8-20b)
    – Capsuleer Elite XV
    – Exoplanets Hunter
    – Glacial Drift
    – Glittering Dream
    – InterBus
    – Serpentis
    – Spirit
    – Valimor Legacy

Offers above 85B will be considered.

95B B/O

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85b ill take it

@Evil_s_Fink Thanks for your offer.

Does anyone else have an offer for me?

86 bill

@kirito_Moss 95B and it is yours now, otherwise I will wait a couple more days.

91B for now

I received a more appropriate role,I’m very sorry for canceling this offer

@kirito_Moss I will accept your offer of 92B tomorrow if I have not received any higher bids.

@kirito_Moss I accept your offer for 92B. Please send me the ISK and a mail with the name of the account you would like me to transfer to. I will initiate the transfer as soon as I receive the ISK and account information.

I am back for sale. Who has an offer for me?

87b isk ready

Thanks for your offer, but i’m really looking for 90B+ for this toon. First person to offer 90B+ can have it. I’m not in a rush to sell so if there are no takers I will just list it another time.

90B Isk Ready

@Acnantas please send ISK and account name in an email to me and I will initiate the transfer immediately.

ISK and account info sent

Character Transfer Initiated

Thanks and enjoy!

Email Recieved, Enjoy the isk!