Sold:80m mining NYX

Mis hu Rotsuda Skill & Standings Sheet (

Positive wallet, positive sec status, located in Jita at 4-4 In Station, No Jump Clones, No Kill Rights. Transfer isk Xavierd

60b b/o

Isk is only transferred to char for sale.


I think so

Please check ISK. and transfer


To which Charakter have you transfered the Isk? @mis_hu_Rotsuda

My other account

Role name: Xavier

For the next Sale follow all rules of the forum, or we will revert the Transfer and isk transactions by the Game Masters.

The Transfer of this Sale in here is completet?

It’s strange that my offer is higher and speaks earlier, why not give it to me.

Thank you. I will pay attention next time. Complete this auction

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