SOLD - 85m SP Supercarrier pilot - all racial carriers at 5

HG Amulet set and related implants SC focused clone in Irmalin

Positive balance
No killrights
In Irmalin

Start it at 50b

Bids here only

B/O: 59b

Bump for the weekend

46 Billion ISK offer.

Bump - almost at the starting price

Bump - training a few related skills while I wait

50b offer

55b offer

Getting there - to the top

Top floor

Bump - revised buyout

Bump - still training too…

Patch day bump

Bump - another 1m SP



I re actualize since the last offer is a bit old: 52b

56 for 24 hours

Lowered buy out

Bump with final buy out reduction

Get me this weekend