SOLD 86.5mil SP F Gallente Trader/Leadership/Mining Character

Character: Laken Starr
Date of Birth 2010-04-15 20:40:00
R / B / A Gallente / Intaki / Diplomats
Skill points 86,528,330
ISK 35,171,987.14
Security Status 3.12 (3,11753685545141)
Wallet: 35M ISK

Character is heavily skilled in trade (all skills at 5), leadership (all fleet support skills at 5 except for fleet command, which is 4), mining (heavily proficient in barges, idea rorqual pilot with the addition of a few skills), and a solid foundation in all core skills such that the character could be bent towards almost desired path. A spattering of skins, but nothing worth noting.

No killrights.
Empire space.
High sec status.

Evepraiser values the character at Appraisal: 78,520,597,787.

Starting bid: 50B
Buyout: 70B

70b buyout.

@Perpetualed Buyout noted, please send in-game mail with the account name you wish you the character to be transferred to and the buyout price and I’ll start the transfer.

ISK and account name sent via in game mail.

Character transfer has been initiated, currently pending completion.

Character Name: Laken Starr
Will be completed after: 2/9/2018 12:11:42 AM

Character transfer confirmation email received. Thank you for the great pilot!

Fly safe.

I hope it serves you well!

Updated thread title to reflect sale status.

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