SOLD 9.2M Orca Pilot

(Kung Kati) #1

2 remaps
positive wallet
no killrights
at highsec

startbid 8b
buyout 9b

(Azure Wyvern) #2

8B but active looking for character to buy asap if accept isk is ready

(Clint Arthie) #5

If you’re still selling I’ll 9bil b/o

(Kung Kati) #6

accepted please send isk and account info

(Clint Arthie) #7

Isk sent.

(Kung Kati) #8

please send account info

(Kung Kati) #9

transfer initiated
Will be completed after: 5/23/2018 3:13:18 PM

thank you for buying

(Clint Arthie) #10

Toon recieved. Ty o7

(system) #11

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