SOLD - 9.6m sp ECM starter pilot

ECM Pilot

SP : 9.6m

No kill rights

Postive Wallet

Positive Sec Status

Starting bid: 4b
Buyout: 5b

Bump for the day.

4 bil offer

Still for sale

It’s 4 days gone past my offer. What are you waiting for?

At present an increased offer.

Buyout reduced.

It takes too long. I want to fill last two slots on my accounts, so increase my offer to 4.5 bil until EVE DT time,nov 8, 2022.

Ok Arsx, i’ll take your offer. Send isk and mail details for transfer.

ISK and account info sent, waiting for transfer.

ISK received, transfer complete at my end.

Character received, thank you.

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