SOLD - 90M SP Cap Pilot and Industrialist With Awesome Name

(Thorsday) #1

This character is sold.

Thank you very much for this pleasant deal.

(heatscore) #2

60b b/o

WTB Looking for a Carrier pilot
(Maizie Fields) #3

67.5 billion

(MaxMadDog) #4

69 bil b/o

(Thorsday) #5

MaxMadDog, I’m going to leave this up 24 hours more and then it’s yours if I don’t get any other bids. Thanks.

(MaxMadDog) #6

Happy~ :slight_smile:

(MaxMadDog) #7

just sent 69 bil and the account name according to the ingame mail I got from you. thank you for selling me this nice character :smile:

(system) #8

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