Sold and done This toon up for sale. 48.7M SP FAX/T3C/RECON Pilot. 48bil Or Closest Offer
Toon is in Jita, in neutral corp
Ready to transfer

30b ready

I am in no way desperate or in a hurry to sell this Toon, consisdiring it is a FAX toon and also with alot of other skills. I am mearly looking at what is the best price I can get for this toon and then decide if I want to sell it or keep it

35b offer

37 bil

40Bil and I will let the toon go

no thanks. any bid above 37bil i’ll be out for good.

I can let go for 37bil if you interested, let me know


If you want it its yours. Send ISK to Zero Ice Slither in game and send me ingame message with the account detail to be transfered to

you accepted my offer or Kazim? :slight_smile:

I accepted your offer. You where first, so I will stick to my word

cool thanks, will login and get isk ready to send to you now.

NP as soon as you send evemail with info I will confirm with you and do transfer

1 small problem before i send you isk. I just noticed that the character being sold is “Zero Order” but he is not the original poster here. You will need to post as him here to confirm that he is for sale and that he accepted my offer. I can only send isk to the pilot’s being sold (to be legit) otherwise we both will get banned by CCP. Thanks for your understanding.

Kewl, will do that now

Done @TxivYawg1

can you make an officially statement post that you are being sold to TxivYawg1 for 37bil?

done as well

isk and acocunt info sent. see the original thread from Zero Order. I’m abandoning this thread.